Circus Gerbola tailor makes learning experiences for children and adults through creating workshops specifically for schools, community groups, businesses, anyone who wants to learn circus skills.

Workshops can be one-off taster sessions, morning or afternoon workshops or Big Top tours. We are happy to work with absolute beginners or people with some experience.


Learning Outcomes

Not only is learning circus skills great fun, but it’s wonderful for children’s (and big children’s!) development, helping with co-ordination and balance. Learning circus skills brings:

Circus Tours

We’re also happy to do BIG TOP TOURS with groups and schools where you can learn about circus life, circus history, how a circus is set up, do’s and don’ts of circus life and, of course, about Circus Gerbola itself.

Tours last approximately 1 hour and can be booked to finish not later than an hour before our shows begin.